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Top 5

5) Adidas AdiPure

Who used it: Frank Lampard, Xabi Alonso

I’ve just named two of the greatest midfield maestro’s of the latest generation. If it’s good enough for them…you too can score 20+ goals a season in the world’s toughest league and score multiple goals from your own half. Bet.

4) Beckenbauer Super

Who used it: Franz Beckenbauer

The Kaizer, arguably the greatest defender of all time. Adidas created a simple but superior boot for the great. No nonsense, yet quality. Kind of like the greatest defender of all time.

3) F50

Who used it: James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale, Luis Saurez and some guy named Lionel

One of the most popular boots of recent times. Superstars use this boot. Amazing touch and it moulds to your foot. Typically a strikers boot but can be used all over the pitch. Built for everything to be honest. It would be a disservice to the boot to restrict it to one aspect of the game.

2) Predator Accelerate

Who used it: Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham

It wins World Cup’s and looks good while doing it. Iconic boot of the 1998 World Cup in France. It’s a shame that it had to come in second place, but it is nothing to be embarrassed about when the number 1 Adidas boot might be the best football boot of all time.

1) Copa Mundial

Who used it: Everyone

Released in 1979. In 2017 the same boot is still in high demand going for $150 in the US and £120 in the UK. RELEASED IN 1979! And still…you can go to any ground in the world and see a few of these tearing up the grass. The complete ball for any position. It has to be the best boot ever made. Quote me on that.



Top 5

This list was obviously very difficult to make as Nike has produced some really timeless boots in its time. Our list will rate the boots on the quality of the boot, the impact it had on the culture, the timelessness and how it benefited Nike. We shall go straight into it:

5) Nike Mercurial Superfly

Who used it: Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan

Built-in sock. That is exactly how we are going to start our countdown. Nike, arguably the most innovative brand, produced a shoe…with a built-in sock. And the final product is amazing. The geniuses at Nike’s headquarters continue to set trends in the sporting world with their out of box thinking. This boot is obviously not the most difficult boot to market as it is Cristiano Ronaldo’s preferred.

4) Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho R10

Who used it: Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho wore them. That should be enough for them to get into the top 3 at least. It had a touch like you had a boot of steel and the ball was the magnet. Not only was the touch sublime, but you got the best precision out of this boot. It made footy a bit easier.

3) Nike Mercurial Vapors

Who used it: Ronaldo, Thierry Henry

Showcased to the world just before the 2002 World Cup began. It gained mega exposure after Ronaldo led Brazil to their 5th World Cup win and ever since then, there have many variations of this boot. Built mainly for speed and grip, Nike had outdone themselves on the technical front.

2) Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III

Who used it: Wayne Rooney, Roberto Carlos

This boot was so close to being number one, but it shall live in second place for now. Everybody had to get their hands on this boots. I mean, I saw so many youths wearing the indoor version of the 90 Air Zoom III as casual shoes. These boots were revolutionary. Simple design, simple colours. It was the first boot to not have a tongue as well. Many feel that this boot was a big leap forward not only for Nike, but for football boots in general. P.S. it also produced one of the most timeless football adverts…

1) Nike Mercurial (R9)

Who used it: Ronaldo, Boy Wonder, El Fenomeno, The Kid, The King, Greatest of All Time

In 1996 Nike made the best decision of their existence…sponsoring the entire Brazilian National Football Team. The Renny Man wants to fast forward to two years later though. When it was the majestic summer of 1998 in France where this story unfolds. Where Ronaldo AKA El Fenomeno AKA The Youngest Ballon D’Or winner ever put on his Nike Mercurial Colourway. Weird boot to most then, when majority of the boots were black, but that was the start of something great. The lightest boot by a country mile in the 90’s (although heavy compare to modern day boots), it was the best boot, for the best player. It owns its place at number 1 due to how much it did for Nike as a company and of course…due to the fact that the greatest striker of all time wore it (quote me on that).

Shhhhhh…just watch this



When we talk about the all-time greats of football, names such as Pele, Maradona, Di Stefano etc. get brought up. But what about Garrincha? Why have I dedicated a whole article to this man that many have forgotten about it? Why is he my favourite (and I’m sure a few others favourite) footballer.

Not many players have almost single-handedly won a world cup. First one that comes to mind is Diego Maradona in 1986, and the other is Garrincha in 1962. With superstar Pele injured, Garrincha had to put his side on his back. Known as the greatest dribbler of all time, he had to step up to the plate and now begin to produce age defining goals (at least that’s what I think of them). Ending the tournament with the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball, the FIFA World Cup is yet to see an individual performance like that again. This is all good and well, but it is not reason why I love this man.

The love comes from the love he gave. Known in Brazil as Alegria do Povo, directly translated into People’s Joy. That is what he was about. Giving joy. From entertaining the crowd, taking on 5 defenders in a World Cup final, to playing street football with his mates back home straight after playing in an intense Brazilian derby. In the modern day era, football has become more and more of a business and players are not as free to express themselves as often as they would like (there are obviously exceptions to this claim e.g. Neymar, Coutinho etc.). This is an appreciation post to the GOAT of dribbling and entertaining. Thank you Mané, we hope to see more players play like you.

Acknowledge him. Salute.