MLB and African History Made

For the first time ever, Africa has a representative in the American Major League Baseball. Gift Ngoepe who was signed in 2008 by Indianapolis Indians at the age of 18, is not the first South African to sign a professional contract but is thee first to actually play an MLB game.

Seems to be that he has been impressing in the lower leagues with his stats.  Baseball America rated him as the “Best Defensive Infielder” in the Pirates minor league system each of the last five seasons (2013-2017). Not bad chief. We’ve got no doubt that he’s going to do the continent proud (he already has though).



Reebok Pump

The Reebok Pump…ahead of its time. For this week’s throw back Thursday we look at an iconic shoe. Pump it up and you were able to jump over buildings (well that’s what we thought). Technology wise, it secured the ankle for all the ballers, for the rest of us…we could pump it up. I genuinely do not need to sell you on why this is one of the greatest sneakers ever created, we can just collectively appreciate what Reebook produced for us, and let’s be honest…they set a trend. Namaste Reebok.

Reebok Pump Omni Lite OG

Reebok Pump Omni Lite Vintage

Bodega x Reebok Pump 25 “1989”


African A/W 17 (Coats)

As we finally get into a season which slightly resembles an Autumn, it’s time for us to change up our style as well. Now I don’t mean change up your style and start dressing like the Fresh Prince (even though we will always encourage the uptown fade), but now we can at least wear longer attire. It’s the season to dress up a bit more. Put those vests and short-shorts deep into your wardrobe and get out those jeans and shirts. 

Renny Man looks at their favourite coats for the African “Autumn”.

Stone Lightweight Smart Mac

TOPMAN DESIGN Black And White Tailored Coat

SELECTED HOMME Light Brown Trench Coat


Beauty of the Week

Natural beauty Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Umenyiora AKA Leila Lopes is a former Miss Universe (2011). Along with being famous for looking stunning she is an actress and TV Host.

Now, in order to be the Beauty of the Week at Renny Man, looks is not the only prerequisite. You’ve got to have more. And more she has. A degree in business management from the University of Suffolk (England) and currently she is heavily involved with the raising of awareness of HIV/AIDS and the discrimination towards people who have contracted this virus.

All round good person who is very easy on the eyes. Leile Lopes. Insert heart emoji here.


Adidas NMD XR1

Adidas Originals will be releasing their new NMD sneaker on the 27th of April to the rest of the world (already released in the US). The sneaker will feature perforated side panels going over the Boost cushioning, while the shoelaces will caged.

These aesthetically pleasing sneakers pay homage to the vintage runner, both in style but increased performance. It carries on with the Adidas image, cool and effective.

Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch

Johnnie Walker describes this blender’s batch as “a bold experiment in flavour”. More than 200 whisky samples coming from 5 distilleries, this new launch is the ultimate blend.

To reach the “intense honeyed sweetness” the blend is aged in first-fill Bourban casks then finished in former rye casks for up to 6 months.

This limited edition whisky is part of Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch portfolio – the result of hundreds of ongoing flavour experiments carried out by a small team of blenders led by master blender Dr Jim Beveridge.

Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish is one of the limited edition’s which is part of the Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch portfolio.



Top 5

This list was obviously very difficult to make as Nike has produced some really timeless boots in its time. Our list will rate the boots on the quality of the boot, the impact it had on the culture, the timelessness and how it benefited Nike. We shall go straight into it:

5) Nike Mercurial Superfly

Who used it: Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan

Built-in sock. That is exactly how we are going to start our countdown. Nike, arguably the most innovative brand, produced a shoe…with a built-in sock. And the final product is amazing. The geniuses at Nike’s headquarters continue to set trends in the sporting world with their out of box thinking. This boot is obviously not the most difficult boot to market as it is Cristiano Ronaldo’s preferred.

4) Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho R10

Who used it: Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho wore them. That should be enough for them to get into the top 3 at least. It had a touch like you had a boot of steel and the ball was the magnet. Not only was the touch sublime, but you got the best precision out of this boot. It made footy a bit easier.

3) Nike Mercurial Vapors

Who used it: Ronaldo, Thierry Henry

Showcased to the world just before the 2002 World Cup began. It gained mega exposure after Ronaldo led Brazil to their 5th World Cup win and ever since then, there have many variations of this boot. Built mainly for speed and grip, Nike had outdone themselves on the technical front.

2) Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III

Who used it: Wayne Rooney, Roberto Carlos

This boot was so close to being number one, but it shall live in second place for now. Everybody had to get their hands on this boots. I mean, I saw so many youths wearing the indoor version of the 90 Air Zoom III as casual shoes. These boots were revolutionary. Simple design, simple colours. It was the first boot to not have a tongue as well. Many feel that this boot was a big leap forward not only for Nike, but for football boots in general. P.S. it also produced one of the most timeless football adverts…

1) Nike Mercurial (R9)

Who used it: Ronaldo, Boy Wonder, El Fenomeno, The Kid, The King, Greatest of All Time

In 1996 Nike made the best decision of their existence…sponsoring the entire Brazilian National Football Team. The Renny Man wants to fast forward to two years later though. When it was the majestic summer of 1998 in France where this story unfolds. Where Ronaldo AKA El Fenomeno AKA The Youngest Ballon D’Or winner ever put on his Nike Mercurial Colourway. Weird boot to most then, when majority of the boots were black, but that was the start of something great. The lightest boot by a country mile in the 90’s (although heavy compare to modern day boots), it was the best boot, for the best player. It owns its place at number 1 due to how much it did for Nike as a company and of course…due to the fact that the greatest striker of all time wore it (quote me on that).

Shhhhhh…just watch this