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An honest look at our ‘Rainbow Nation’. Many South African’s are still sleeping, and it is time to wake up.

High Fantasy could be that wake up call for you. Created by the talented Jenna Bass, this film addresses many relevant and serious issues currently going on in SA. The issues of race and gender inequality is are very much a part of SA’s recent history and many people are still ignorant as to the reality of it. This film seeks to question many of the lies that is fed to us and stimulate important conversation.

Recorded on iPhone 7’s by the actors themselves, this film is unique in many ways. Not only in the way it was filmed, but also due to the fact that the actors were able to create their own characters, with the help/guidance of Jenna.

Cast: Nala Khumalo, Qondiswa James, Liza Scholtz and Franseca Varee Michel.

A film that South African’s can be proud of…below is the trailer.


Playlist Addition: Shane Eagle

Stay woke. This guy is making some serious art (been making art).

About a week ago . . . DJ Sliqe released Oceans featuring Da L.E.S. and Shane Eagle.

Advice: If Shane is on a track…download it. No questions. The boy from Midrand gained attention by coming 3rd on Vuzu’s show, The Hustle. Since then, he’s been dropping some serious tracks, reminiscent of a J. Cole trapping.

Our favourite tracks thus far:



Andile Buka is Top 10

Joburg native, Andile Buka, has been listed as one of the top 10 ‘Rising Stars of Photography’ by Adobe. Adobe searches all around the world for the special candidates to be listed on this prestigious list. So yeah, it’s lit.

What makes it more intriguing, is his come up story. Working a 9-5, doing photography, going to the dreary 9-5 and then back again. If you look at his work though, you will see that photography is his calling . . . There was just a bad signal the first time around.

Below are some of his snaps:




Beauty of the Week

Natural beauty Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Umenyiora AKA Leila Lopes is a former Miss Universe (2011). Along with being famous for looking stunning she is an actress and TV Host.

Now, in order to be the Beauty of the Week at Renny Man, looks is not the only prerequisite. You’ve got to have more. And more she has. A degree in business management from the University of Suffolk (England) and currently she is heavily involved with the raising of awareness of HIV/AIDS and the discrimination towards people who have contracted this virus.

All round good person who is very easy on the eyes. Leile Lopes. Insert heart emoji here.


Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch

Johnnie Walker describes this blender’s batch as “a bold experiment in flavour”. More than 200 whisky samples coming from 5 distilleries, this new launch is the ultimate blend.

To reach the “intense honeyed sweetness” the blend is aged in first-fill Bourban casks then finished in former rye casks for up to 6 months.

This limited edition whisky is part of Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch portfolio – the result of hundreds of ongoing flavour experiments carried out by a small team of blenders led by master blender Dr Jim Beveridge.

Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish is one of the limited edition’s which is part of the Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch portfolio.




From Rick Ross…the boss, to Jay-Z…the ultimate boss, rappers have been mentioning and shouting out Haitian-American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat in their songs. Why is he so revered in the hip hop community though? Well we’ve got a few suggestions and opinions on why. Most of us know that he is a great painter, but what he was above being a painter is an artist, in the true sense of the word.

Jean-Michel started out doing graffiti in the streets of New York under the pseudonym, SAMO (Same old shit). While practically homeless he engaged in several arty activities; starting a band, cutting his hair in weird and wonderful ways (The Weeknd getting inspiration with the hairstyles), collaborating with Andy Warhol and even briefly dating Madonna at the peak of the Like a Virgin’s career.

So, that was me taking a roundabout way of answering my own question. Why should you know him? To find out more about Jean-Michel you understand more about the culture of the come up of New York City. You understand more of the creativity of your favourite artists of this modern era. Kanye West will make more sense to you. And a bonus…you get to see some dope ass paintings.