Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif, translated into “The Athletic Rooster”, is a French company who’s products range from sports footwear to accessories to sports wear. They are on Renny’s radar, not because of their revolutionary technology in sportswear like Adidas or Nike, but instead because of the crossover between casual wear and sports wear. They’ve been doing it for years now. You can watch a Richard Gasquet (sponsored by Le Coq) tennis match, and I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that he was dressed for a day out in town. 

Dripping with swagger from the 80’s especially in the era when they sponsored FIFA World Cup winning teams such as Italy in 1982, and Argentina in 1986. They have always been there. And one of my favourite pieces from Le Coq’s attire is even yellow believe it or not (insert Tour De France joke here). 

Stay “coolen”. 


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