Top 5

In light of the NBA Playoffs beginning recently, Renny Man looks at who they think the top 5 basketball players in the world currently are. Now if you thinking that we are going to have Russell Westbrook and James Harden fighting for the number one spot…you are mistaken. This list is not about who are the best offensive players, but it is about who are the best all-round ballers…doing it on both sides of the court.

  1. James Harden

Even though we all know Harden is a below par defender, we can not ignore what he is doing for the Rockets on the offensive side. A record breaking year, Harden will not be ignored (even though Westbrook racked up 42 triple-doubles), he was on a winning team; much thanks to him as well.

  1. Draymond Green

A bit of a surprise entry on our list to the avid ball viewer. The reason that Draymond is on this list at number four is because he is the heartbeat of arguably the best team in the world. We saw how the Warriors struggled last year in the finals when he was suspended. He does it all; buckets, dimes, blocks, steals etc. at the highest levels. Scared of no-one and making sure that the league is aware of his influence.

  1. Russell Westbrook

42…that’s all I really need to say. The most intense and energetic player since Jordan. He’s had a mammoth year and he is holding no prisoners. Incredible year and much deserved MVP, but unfortunately does not make the top 2. Second spot is for…

  1. Kawhi Leonard

Give this man the superstar status. We all should’ve known that he was going to be great when Popovich made the Spurs big 3 take a back seat for him. And who could forget about The Finals MVP that he more than deservedly claimed in 2014. He is not a stat machine like Harden and Westbrook but when the pressure is on you want him guarding the oppositions best player; 1 through to 5. Easily is the greatest defender of his generation.

  1. Lebron James

Is this one even a debate? It’s King James. The rest of the league can do what they want to do during the regular season. Kudos. But we all know who the playoffs belong to. He has made an appearance in the last 6 finals and had the best all-round stats in a final ever in 2016. It would’ve been sheer disrespect if he wasn’t number 1. The Goat. Watch him throw that powder up.


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