’08 Lil Wayne

Greatest Rapper Alive (past tense)

That was the self proclaimed title that rapper and CEO Lil Wayne gave himself. Many people disputed it, but was he wrong? After the Carter 4 dropped the general consensus is that Weezy fell off with the rapping which led fans to forget about the man who once saved hip hop. Big claim to make, but I have no doubts. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice with albums/playlists being dropped all the time. But, there was a time when the pastures were not so green.

In comes ’08 Wayne. From him being the go-to guy for a feature, to his mixtapes such as Da Drought 3. And who could forget his albums, re Carter III. One word comes to mind…timeless. Lil Wayne, Weezy F, Lil Tunechi…deserves our endless gratitude. Lest we forget.
So, was Wayne the greatest rapper alive. Hard to say because Hov, Andre 3k, Nas and Eminem were still alive, but, it is safe to say that he was the greatest active rapper and he blessed our ears with bangers on the regular.

*insert spark and inhale here


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